Sunday, January 22, 2006

Parallell realities...

When someone spells out the same thoughts that you thought, it has an endearing effect. I've never felt the need to
sympathise with autistic kids or mentally underdeveloped people. They do not belong to the realm that we perceive as
real, normal and fully functional. They have their own realities. But then, we do not belong there. So we're even. At times, i even
envy them (but quickly reason out thinking their worlds would have problems too). Anu (Shabana Azmi) in a scene in '15 Park
avenue' questions our right to try and get these people back to our perceived reality. Meethi's (Konkona Sen) psychiatrist offers
a logical explanation for that, but logic is never convincing enough on such issues. That scene struck a chord, and after that i got into a state
where i could find nothing wrong with the movie (rightly, or not rightly, so). It was an intriguing movie...some strings were let loose, and
the incompleteness added to the beauty...well, it wasnt incomplete in the real person gets a closure and the rest begin
their search for something that doesnt exist...
quite a few in the theatre were laughing out for the wrong scenes...i cudnt relate to that...they wouldnt relate to my perception of the
movie...not that it matters...nor wat i think about them matters...parallell realities...subjective....

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Prerona said...

i liked 15 park avenue