Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Lonely planet??...

A part of a particular song has been constantly ringing in my head for over a week now..
it is from a soon-to-be-released tamil movie 'Pudhupaettai'... (a Selvaraghavan/Dhanush/
Yuvan Shankar Raja combo)...
"iruttinilae nee nadakkayilae un nizhalum unnai vittu vilagividum,
 nee mattum thaan indha ulaginila unakku thunai ena vilangividum.
 theeyoadu pogum varaiyil,
theeraadhu indha thanimai..."
which translates to
"when you are walking in the dark, even your shadow deserts you,
 you'd realize you are your only companion in this world.
 until you reduce to ashes,
this solitude would not end..."
And at many levels, this made a lot of sense...
And then i went to my sister's picture uploads in flickr...she had an album called 'Takes two
to tango' with a random set of twosomy pictures (like a pair of feet, she and her husband, she
and me, she and her dog etc)...for the album's description, she had a Ray Charles song...
"You can get very old by yourself
Catch a fish or a cold by yourself
Dig a ditch or strike it rich
all by yourself
There are lots of things that
you can do alone
But it takes two to tango
Two to tango
Two to do the dance of love.

It Takes two, I say two
Darling it always takes two
I’m with you

- Ray Charles."
And this made a lot of sense too:)....



Kars ! said...

how about you try to change the color of the font or the background so people can read.. like you said, it takes two to tango ;), maaaaaaaaaan i rock!! haha!

Prerona said...

GREAT post :)

yes - both strike a chord with me too - at the moment :(

good read :)

Balai said...

A very good read! The 2 songs absoultely nail the point. Def makes a lotta sense to me.

Krish said...

Yeah ...both makes sense :)
u r a normal confused man....

have fun....!

Anonymous said...

machi kalakitta po. nice post.

kars! the fontnazi, and confucious Krish howdy buddies.


frissko said...

karthik - too lazy to do that:)...

prerona, balaji, swami - thanx..

krish - thanx da, that was very reassuring:)...

adarsh said...

y the hell such movies are not dubbed into telugu :(

Parth said...

Hmm, completely different context than what I had written. Both contexts strike a chord, as one of the other comments mentioned.