Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy? New year

It is a little late in the day. It is all manufactured anyways, so whats the big deal...for whatever it is worth
new year wishes to anyone who drops by...
New year eves were so much fun back in Trichy, when i was a school kid...Dad was this social butterfly...
some 7-8 neighbouring families would get together at my home (ofcourse i chipped in for the PR work, but Dad
was the prime mover)...there were quite a few kids who were kindof peers, and we managed to have some real
good fun.
Back then festivals were fun as of the first things i used to do every Jan was to check how
far away Diwali was. During Diwali, we had this undeclared contest in our street for bursting the 1st cracker of the day.
Almost every time, it was won buy this school senior of mine called Jayashree, who lived in the last house in our street.
Her standard cracker-time was 2:30 am...cant beat that. I never made a real effort to win it, but even i used to be up by
3:30 or so. During the day, everyone went around everyone else's houses eating free sweets (we had to offer sthing different,
dad was an out-of-the box we would give visiters salted-boiled peanuts...and that would be such a relief for the
sweet-weary tongues).
And Pongal (Shankranthi) meant getting up early to walk the streets of Bhelpur (the colony where i lived) to have a look at the
rangolis (entries for Bhelpur's rangoli contest, we never won it). There would be this colony-wide competetions. Mom used to
sing (and some of use used to cheer for her, she was good, and won it a couple of times)...Dad used to sing too (and i would
be embarassed...he wasnt particularly good, but was a good sport)...and at times Sis used to sing too (she was good). I was
never anything more than an onlooker, except the one time when i came 2nd in the musical chairs contest:)...
Coming back to now...festivals have ceased to matter...sometimes it is good to be part of a whole, to celebrate when everyone
else celebrates, and not question it or reason it out...except that i cant get myself to do times i envy people who have
managed to retain the idea of festivals and celebrations...ppl who, on Diwali day, get up early, bathe, wear new clothes, and pray
and eat together. I am not sure if i can ever be that again.
It is not just about festivals. As a kid, i used to go to this temple in our colony daily, and it felt good. Even in college i used to
go to our college-temple almost daily. Now, i think of God as man's creation, as a replica of some kindof external conscience. So
prayer and God have ceased to appeal to me. I dont find it reasonable to go to a temple or pray or do anything that involves delegating
your problem to someone besides yourself. This is surely the right way to live, but this has taken away a pseudo-crutch that i could've
used at times.
Like that guy in 'Matrix' says, sometimes, ignorance is bliss.
Sadly, the path from ignorance to realization is one-way.


Anonymous said...

It is all manufactured anyways, so whats the big deal

I remember arguing with someone when we were in our hostel about having to take a shower every 24 hrs. why not 25 hrs? what's so special about 1440 minutes etc.

Anyway I feel the same way about festivals and celebrations these days. I think it is partly because of the lack of a social setting in which to do the celebrating (at least in my case) and also because I've become too rational for my own good. gotta change. thats my new year resolution.

well anyway, i inisist on you having a very good 2006 :) and three cheers for our planet on completing another lap (in case she is reading your blog :)

-swami (PEC)

Krish said...


Nice recollectionda...!

Have a great 2006 !

//Sadly, the path from ignorance to realization is one-way. //
I believe complete realization is same as being completely ignorant...and u at bliss in both the cases.. problem is we r on the way....

have fun..and take care :)

sou said...

hmm.. nice post..

well.. u can look forward to a higher innocence.. where u could be the "dad" who barks out a few numbers to make his kids smile and inspires faith in them for the simple things in life!

"problem is we r on the way...." -totally agree with that.

pap said...


how are u buddy?

happy pongal and new year wishes for next year

frissko said...

swami - beyond a point the social setting becomes irrelavant..but yea, i could jump into the circus any time i want to and try and have fun...

krish - i think complete realization is a myth and total ignorance is difficult to we're screwed anyways..i am sure even Buddha, Mahaveera, Jesus and Prophet had their own misgivings...

sou - thanx...and hmm, to do that to kids i need not have fathered them(u see, the fun part of being with kids is ok, but the responsibility is not!)...but wat's with barking numbers...

pap - doing good da...thanx...and newe year wishes to u too...

Kars ! said...

//I remember arguing with someone when we were in our hostel about having to take a shower every 24 hrs. why not 25 hrs? what's so special about 1440 minutes etc.//

to prove that point, i didnt shower for many days during most of my college years (why 24hrs, why not 24days?)!! :). i guess avinash was one of the very few who joined my cause :). on a similar note, who says one should wash the cloths after one time use (i never did back then), who says you shouldnt wear your cloths inside out (recycling undies anyone?). unwritten stupid rules if you ask me. name calling, teasing didnt stop us. some rebelious kids we were! now all that spirit seems to have just shunned away!

new years, diwali, valentines day etc are all a marketing gimick to make money! sadly those are the only very few days during the year we do sort of get together and have fun or at least make an attempt to meet people who we havent met in a while.

I guess the new years is a check point where you look at your recent 1/n-th of your life (where n is your age) and say "good, i didnt screw up much this time around"! :), you dont wanna see the whole picture, you just want to see a teeny tiny piece of it and be happy about it.

I believe both the so called "complete realization" and "complete ignorance" dont exist. its like you are standing on the circumference of a huge circle, and you are trying to figure out where the end and start of the line you are standing on is.

happy future dudes :)

Trauma Queen said...

in response to ur comment on my blog - wine is an integral part of the bible. it represents the blood of christ. (which is why they give wine n bread in church). However, though the bible says nothing against wine, there is stuff against drinking, which i have conveniently not referenced :P
u also an ascendium?

frissko said...

tvnmcb - wat's ascendium?...and if i ever decide to align myself to a belief system, i'll gve give christianity some serious thought:)..(beer instead of wine wud help..)