Sunday, July 24, 2005

Band broadens, a birthday passes by, and work stands still:

The past few days i've actually been doing things rather than just thinking about doing things (well, not totally, but a couple of deeds is a couple of deeds!). Decided to give my home a technology upgrade.Finally gave up on a 56kbps dialup and got a broadband connection from Airtel. I am sure the '256 kbps' that the connection details' display boasts of is a hardcoded display that has nothing to do with actual speeds. Nevertheless it's an upgradation from a bicyclye to a Ferrari (or should i be saying McClaren instead).

Lived through another birthday yesterday. Turned 27. To paraphrase from K.Balachander's 'Kalki', "Aadu maadukku kooda thaan porantha naal varum" ("Even goats and cows have birthdays!"). I have to quote this phone conversation i had with a friend from college
(called Gaurav) on the 'occasion'.

Gaurav: It's your b'day today?
Me: Yeah..
Gaurav: Interesting...

And then we talked about other things....Now, this is the kindof b'day acknowledgement i can totally relate to...

I came to work today intending to work on something i was supposed to finish a week ago. Obviously, i am not doing that. The past 5 days, i've been coming to office with an infinite resolve to work, and each day, i've gone home a better carrom-player. God save my company(and my job!!)...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Start Frame:

All bad things have a beginning. After a few months of 'wanting to blog', i am actually taking the first couple of steps.
As of now, three aspects dominate my life. I work. I add 1 to my age every year. I think of doing a whole lot of things and dont move an inch towards even one of them(well mostly, i mean this blog thing was one of those things, and even if i dont add another post after this, this should count for an inch atleast!). This is simply an attempt to have a fourth thing to do with my time. Amen.