Monday, September 05, 2005

Batch of ' from the past

There were these photos that were sent to my school alumni mailing group. A bunch of b/w photos of folks from the batch
of 1971...sent by one of that batch's guys. Some faces had names...some were left felt kindof surreal to look at
those pics and at my school (the school in question is called RSK Higher Secondary school, Trichy).I had this urge to go
home and pick up my class photos and have one long look at each of them (and probably check how many faces i manage
to map to names). Its been 10 years since i finished high school, and it feels spooky to think of reaching a stage when it
would be 34 years beyond high school.
One of the photos carried a pic of one Hemalatha Thyagarajan(HT). She went on to become a Math prof at REC trichy. She was
called HyperTension(HT) in REC cos of her temper. In 11th grade i was attending her IIT Math classes, and was ousted from her
class. (She produces a few IITs every year, she used to, not sure if she still teaches. For a small town like Trichy, that is
something. She commanded a lotof respect from our school's intelligentia - deservedly so).She bluntly asked me to leave the class
and not to come back (i had flunked one of her tests real badly). She thought i was not IIT material and thought aloud(and rightly so).
I kindof dealt with it quite ok i guess...i gave up on the idea and started playing Table tennis with ruthless abandon...and then the rest
of my life until this point happened (which had very little to do with TT or IIT)...
Anyways, those photos brought back some bitter-sweet memories...and kindof makes me want to get back in touch with some school
buddies who were close pals back then (some, witnesses of the 'ouster' act!)...meanwhile there is code to be written, deliveries to be made,
and a job to be kept...lets see how long this thought stays and how far i go with the idea...
mads, if u're reading this, thanx for passing those photos along..


philflynn70558665 said...

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Krish said...

"To be continued..." ended in Cemeterey..

hmmm... ok avi
have fun!

Anonymous said...

Dai Avinash , 11th 12th ne panni leelaigal yellam nyabagam iruka da ? innum antha marron pant avchirukiya?

Nanae un nanban

frissko said...

kicha, just got a lil bisi...shall wake up from the dead sometime..

and ywca friend, who is that? 1st guess is T.Pradeep, 2nd one - Karthik...