Sunday, August 14, 2005

Rain rain come again

Chennai received showers yesterday...and the sun is reluctant to come out today as well.
Went off to the beach the moment it started raining...and swam for more than an hour...sea was rough, water was cold, and it was raining, that is a near perfect setting for a swim(for me). One of the guys in the beach wanted to join me...i was a little hesitant...cos, while i know enough swimming to save myself even if the sea gets mighty rough (that's what i'd keep thinking till i perish some day in the seas:), i was not too sure if i can pull an adult along if things go wrong. Anyways there are no rules, he tagged along..i warned him that the sea was rougher than normal...thankfully there were lotsof shallow spots...after going a little inside, fear (and sense) got the better of him and he wanted to head back...getting back to the shore is normally the much tougher part, swimming in is fairly simple. Sea, like women, draws people in quite easily, the difficult part is to get back to where you started, unscathed and intact!!..After some drama, he did make it to the shore. (not drama really, u just need to get used to the fact that the big waves will get the better of you often, and u just need to give in, not panic, and you'd resurface).
He said he'd join me next weekend as well. Lets sea...

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