Thursday, August 25, 2005

On my way..

Four stamp-size photos, a hastily filled application, a search operation(to get my hands at my degree/marksheets etc), two
cheque leaves and a 5km bike ride later, Mr. Mariappan of Southern college (Mysore univ, contact centre) had one look
at the stack i gave him and said "This is spot admission, you'll get your admit-card in 10 days".
While this is, in every way, unlike spotting your registration number on JEE results published (pretty much anyone with a degree
and 15k on him will be admitted!), i did allow myself to let out a silent 'yippie':).


Balai said...

Awesome Avinash! Congratz.

Soma said...

Hi, I liked your write up on your trip to varadapalayam.

In your blogspot title, you say that "like a trillion others the world". There are not trillion people in the world! the population as it stands, would be around 6 to 7 billion.

Subhadra said...

Wonderful! :). Congrats!

frissko said...

Balaji, Subhadra
Well that's exactly the kindof response a distance education admit does not call for.anyways, wat the heck, thanx:) (and hey, in case u two dint realize, u 2 were batchmates in PEC).

thanx. and thanx for the math correction. let me attribute the error to 'artistic' liberty:)

Balai said...

:) guess we are having a reunion of sorts here in u'r blog Avinash.

Krish said...

Anyway, you did it...!!!

Congratz :)