Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Mai bhi happy new year post likhoongaa...

So, 2007 has come to an end. I tried hard to make the earlier sentence sound less lame and cooler and all but couldn't. So i settled for "So, 2007 has come to an end". I dont understand how people like Pri, Partly Cloudy (this blog is no more, so sad) etc manage to be so funny, serious, breezy, poignant etc so effortlessly (all in the same post at times, and for most parts Pri is just extremely funny, i simply like using the other adjectives!). I am so jealous. Discovered a few other really nice blogs too. Ok, that's not the point of this post. We are not making speeches about strangers' blogs. We are doing a happy new year post.

I must remember to write the correct year in the cheques this year. And also tear check(this spelling is so much easier) leaves from the right check book. No more free Rs.393s ICICI. Sorry. That's Resolution #1. Yes I make new year resolutions.

Was your year any good?

Mine was...hmm...Lemme see...I added a new colour to my beard. White. Used to be only black, brown and grey. Now there is white too. Good no?

And then i hung around with this crowd of very youngish people for a while. People who still looked at the world through rose-tinted glasses. The kind that would go to Beasant Nagar beach for 'Friendship day' and tie 'Friendship bands' on each others' wrists! Find rose coloured heart shaped balloons cute. Find stuffed toys cute. Forward mails with subjects that read "This is so cute!". Generally use the word 'cute' a lot. Ok, you get the drift right..It was a nice happy crowd, but truth be told, i started hanging out with this group primarily because i was drawn to a certain someone in it (i am normally more comfortable around jaded cynics:). But some things are not meant to work. This one certainly wasn't i guess. So, on the morning that the certain someone was leaving Chennai for good, we met at Marina, stared at the sea for a while, spoke very little, and said our Good Byes. We even gave each other parting gifts. To remember what we could've had but didn't quite have by.

And then I had a tooth pulled out. Man that was so violent! Was shocking. And had a root canal done. If i had a choice i would prefer a heart attack or something. I think i should knock of all teeth and get a set. Be done with them once and for all! Fucking teeth! I still have 2 fillings to be done. It is worse than going to a proctologist!

And then i waved to atleast 35 people while shitting and they waved back (some of them were at it themselves and some weren't). No, seriously. Now, how many of you can stake a claim to such a feat hun? [Pats self on back].

The 'And then's remind me of 'Hey dude where's my car'...Remember the scene where they're in a car and are ordering food at a drive in and an automated voice keeps going on and on repeating 'And then' 'And then' 'And then' even after they're done with the orders and they get all irritated and bash up the machine and the machine continues to say 'And then 'And then' anyways, but now in a funny electronic voice and all...It was a lame movie but that scene was hilarious. And I am digressing. Ok one final 'And then'..

And then i e-mailed a blog stranger and even met her. Now, please bring down those raised eye-brows and stop rolling your eyes. I guess P's "Being open to new experiences" fundaa is kind of rubbing off on me. Plus my extreme boredom helped too. But it was actually a rather nice thing to go through. I was very sleepy and i can't remember much of the conversation (Except that she mentioned Drivers' license a few times. C, don't call me names :). But i came off it feeling vaguely nice and wanting to do it again when i was more awake. Plus, I had nearly forgotten the notion of looking forward to e-mails...

And yea, the high point of the year was, surviving the basic mountaineering course at NIM. Even literally (16400 feet you see. Now i am bragging. Shall stop. Sorry.). But the lull that followed the course, in terms of treks and travel, is not a good sign. Amends to be made. Resolution #2 - Spend less time at work. And more importantly, when you are at work, just work (Resolutions applicable only from tomorrow, i am currently at work you see :)..

This post has become too long. I am yawning. And so shall you if you've come this far...

2007 was not bad after all. But very few things are bad on hind sight no? The past is, for most parts, comforting. It is like home. It may not be a fancy place with italian tiles and acrylic paints. But you're comfortable in it's red oxide and cement and white wash...

I hope to leave Chennai in 2008. Atleast for a bit. Need to do that to keep my love for the city intact :). If things go as planned i should be in the Bay Area by mid 2008. But do things ever go as planned? Eyes looking west and fingers crossed...

Anyways, to those passing by, wishing you much happiness and other such pink stuff this year. Have a good one...


Swami said...

good for you dude... happy 2008

Trauma Queen said...

oh man

i cannot help but think you are "so" making fun of my last yr ka new yr spaaaashul blogpost and perhaps many other person's blogs. what men - pink glasses and new yr posts r not to be made fun of okay?

sumhow - i think i shall withdraw my idea of writing a new yr post. i would hate it if people thought i copied you, when in fact, you copied me, heheheheh (yuss yuss - i am convinced this world is full of tq wannabes).

i have fersoanlly noticed most "jaded cynics" are more obsessed with falling in love and all that crap than "normal" people. i think theyre worse than "cute" types cos they secretly crave for mush.

i love 'dude where's my car' - its such a nice movie -wonder why they not come up with a sequel. they should fast - ashton seems to be losing his hottiness post demi-amore

i thnk spending less time at work is a resolution everyone should make. seriously. in fact a better idea is to sit in the office n do timpeass full day and feel happy about it at 6 pm :)

happy new year and best wishes :)

Pri said...

happy new year from disco and me.

Parth said...

Teeth problems? I can empathise. Its pain galore. Happy new year to you.

RTD2 said...

Happy New Year and all...
This was a refreshing new year post after all..inspite of (or maybe because of!) the image of waving shitting people :)

frissko said...

swami - happy 2008 to you too man..

tq - your last year's new year special is one of my favs. i wouldnt make fun of it. And my image of Ashton is that of him in 'That 70's show' :), which has nothing to do with hotness (are straight men allowed to find men hot?)....

pri and disco - thang you...and happy new year to you two too...

parth - yea majorly! thanx..and wishes to you too...

rtd2 - Thanks..Happy new year and all to you too..

Trauma Queen said...

dude! ashton as a himbo from that 70's show IS hot! in fact i'd say hottest!!

well most straight girls find to ok to acknowledge the beauty/hotness of another straight girl - so i dont know what the deal with men is! perhaps they all know there is no such thing as a hot man? ehehehe

. : A : . said...

Sounds like an interesting year. Hope you have a great 2008!

tboy said...

hey frissko remember the good times we had with Mango delight ice cream at eden and the double omelets!!....what an year it was!!

come bay...will have some fun here..:)

happy new yr.

Canary said...

I never follow new year resolutions!! :(

workinprogress said...

no time or no inclination?
tell tell.

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Trauma Queen said...

hyper indeed!

say - why r the word verification codes on ur blog sooo long???